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Cooking 4 Quality workshops

This year I have had the opportunity to travel across regional Australia delivering NAQ Nutrition workshops to cooks and chefs working in G8 Day care settings. The 3 series workshops covered nutrition for under 5's, catering for allergies & intolerances, menu planning, meeting nutrition requirements across a 4 week menu cycle and catering for culturally diverse families and SO much more. It is a credit to G8 settings that they offer this professional development opportunity to their cooks/chefs as they play such an important role catering for the next generation. Congrats to NAQ nutrition for creating such an engaging and informative workshop series and all the participants for attending with such enthusiasm:) From the tropical climate of Cairns to the freezing temps of country NSW, Victoria and Adelaide, I am such a Q'lder! I've loved every minute:)

Orange - COLD!!!!

Orange in bloom

Albury - such a beautiful city

Regional flights - fear conquered:)


Downtown Orange

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