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Update on Vitasoy Protein Enriched rice milk

NOTE: This product is no longer available. Vitasoy has ceased manafacturing. May 2017

I often recommend this product for young children who are allergic to soy and cow's milk as it was the only cereal/nut milk on the market that contains added protein (from chick peas). Unfortunately QLD Coles and Woolworths have stopped ordering due to low demand. It is still being manufactured in Victoria.

You can call Coles head office on 1800 061 562, preferably quoting the barcode, and they will send a request to your local Coles store for the merchandising team to assess if they should re-stock or not. The more people who call the more likely they will re-stock.

There are alternatives like soy milk (if no soy allergy), infant allergy formula which some children will be eligible for but may need a script, or using extra meat/alternative foods to replace dairy protein and calories. These factors need to be discussed with your Allergist or Dietitan. It is difficult for me to post generalised advice because each child and their allergy is different. Please don't hesitate to send me an email or call if you have concerns regarding your child in relation to this matter.

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