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Fodmap therapy for IBS - Turner Syndrome conference Sep 2017

This long weekend I presented at the National Turner Syndrome conference at the Australian Catholic University in Brisbane. Many women with Turners report suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), a functional gut disorder that 1 in 7 Australian adults suffer from. The Low Fodmap diet has a 75% success rate in IBS patients. I love working with families to decode food triggers whilst importantly maintaining a healthy balanced diet. Fodmaps/fermentable carbohydrates were first recognised in 1999 by researchers at Monash University in Melbourne and are now well recognised internationally as a first-line treatment for IBS. Find an APD with an interest in Low Fodmaps to guide you through the process if IBS is affecting your quality of life. Thanks for having me TS families, I could feel the excitement and support that these families found in each others company:)

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