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A Mum's birds eye view of Baby Led Weaning

This little gem is written by a gorgeous Mum I consult with who takes the roller coaster ride of multiple food allergens and mealtimes in her stride. Mum's constantly amaze me and I've asked her if i can share this poem as I'm sure many of you will relate, enjoy!

Baby lead weaning, they call it, Well I'm a baby, so I'll lead you!

First off, let me say, I love your cooking, mum, Dad just doesn't butter toast quite the same way!

I see your face is looking glum, And I know your banana chia seed muffin is actually quite yum. But it's much more fun to throw it away!

Slow stewed lean pork will be ignored, Plain raw tofu will be adored! Warm chicken and bean salad, tuna fish cakes, Yuck, I'd rather dry corn flakes!

The better you think it tastes, the less I want to eat it, The more effort you made, The more I'll evade! I'm allergic to peanuts, codfish, and egg, But my favourite food is the scab I picked off Daddy's leg!

"The baby eats what the family eats", they said. Well, maybe you have been mislead. You see, I define "family", before I came along, You were just a "couple", don't get me wrong! You're an awesome cook, mum, I'll never eat, The bread that Daddy butters, you're the one for me!

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