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Dietitians specialising in
children's nutrition, food allergies and picky eaters. 

Bris Kids Nutrition is based in Brisbane and provides practical advice and treatments for a wide range of nutrition and food-related conditions for breastfeeding mums, babies and children across Queensland.

In addition we work with adults for all things food allergy and intolerance related. 


About   Us

Bris Kids Nutrition is based in Brisbane providing children's nutrition and dietetic services to mums and dads, and more broadly to early childhood settings and care providers. 


The practice was founded by Jillian Dimock in 2015 and operates from our Gordon Park clinic.  Our Dietitians regularly provide videoconference appointments for anyone located outside the Brisbane region or that will have difficulty attending our clinics.


About Us

Bris Kids Nutrition Dietitians are university qualified practitioners trained in the science of nutrition, diet and wellness for individual dietary counselling and food service management.

Bris Kids Nutrition is committed to applying evidence-based guidelines for a safe and effective treatment plan specific to every client's situation.

Jillian Dimock APD

Paediatric & Allergy Dietitian

Our expertise

Food allergies & intolerances for all ages

Picky eating  & challenging mealtimes

Nutrition support for neurodiversity 

Paediatric NDIS participants

Tube feeding 

Non-diet approach for weight concerns

Coeliac Disease

Plant based eating for kids

Eosinophilic oesophagitis (EoE)

Low FODMAP trial for IBS 



Early Childhood Setting

  • Menu assessments based on national guidelines for the National Quality Framework

  • Nutrition Workshops

  • Food Safety

  • Parent and Staff Presentations

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